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July 11, 2011


i am MADLY in love with this wedding and this couple. So gorgeous and you captured it incredibly. LOVE it.


Stunning, stunning work. Love the warmth to these photos, and how every moment is amplified with love.

what a beautiful day :)

What a GORGEOUS wedding!! Once again you've captured the moments perfectly :)

I feel like I say "amazing", every time I comment.....and again....AMAZING...breathtaking!

Love love love! almost can't handle it! so perfect Andrea

Absolutely gorgeous!!

LOVE these. That hangar is one of my favorite venues...

So gorgeous as always!!!!!

Love these Andrea.. you are so awesome and so talented.

Amazing job at capturing such beautiful memories of such a wonderful couple!

Gorgeous pictures!! I haven't seen anything like it - so unique!

Gorgeous photos Andrea! Synghariteeria Andri kai Ryan!

love LOVE these. you are fabulous.

Sorry I couldn't be there guys but I heard it was awesome.

Those brings back memories of smahing plates. That was sweet. The pics are good too haha

Damn you two are hot


Beautiful Veil!

Photos look great! Glad they turned out so well for you two
Brett C

you are so incredibly talented! I love to visit your blog and see your new work. you inspire me!

What a beautiful couple.... They will have good looking kids

What a wonderful day full of love and joy!
Great pictures!

You did a beautiful job Andrea! Thank you for capturing our special day:)

You did a beautiful job Andrea! Thank you for capturing our special day:)

these are gorgeous.

what a great job love u Ryan and Andi!!

By far one of my favourite of your blog posts. Absolutely stunning Andrea!

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