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September 10, 2011


what a stylin' family!

Love love love as always! The colors and light are to die for!

Seattle! Pretty please.

Hmm, Vancouver maybe. Love your work!!

Sweet session!

That little girl's outfit is stinkin' adorable.

yes. seattle!!!

I've been following your photography for so long and would LOVE to have photos done by you!! I'm in Rochester, NY until May 2012...home of Kodak and the George Eastman International Museum of Photography. Pick me pick meee <3

Come to Asheville!! It's been coined the "Paris of the South". It is an incredible place to visit and there are so many amazing places to shoot! It's a win/win. I absolutely love, love, love your work!

KANSAS!!! Come to KANSAS! You could hit up Kansas City, Lawerence, Manhattan, possibly cross Missouri to St. Louis. SO MANY possibilities!

simply awesome. so many suttle details captured to make the most beautiful images. LOVE. for this session, what lense are you using? i know you have spoken alot of love for your 50mm...is that what you primarily used for this session? do you shoot RAW? just gorgeous! xo

backlit image of them walking away is perfect. love how you were standing in the photo and that it's not eye level (like all the ones I take, lol).

Gorgeous family session! If you're in Vancouver, BC next year and don't mind photographing other photogs you can sign me up for a session!

Beautiful Pictures! Just love them kiddlets,so nice you both got together to do these amazing photos!!

I just found your blog through Pinterest... someone pinned a photo from this shoot and I loved it! I would love to say come over and visit me, but I'm in the Netherlands (Europe) so I'm thinking that's a weird suggestion! (doesn't hurt to try though!)

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