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September 28, 2011


so so pretty gosh that momma is adorable!

You already know how I feel about you so I'll just say this.... thank you!

Beautiful, GORGEOUS Pictures!!!

Love love the pics.

Wow!! You are amazing!! I LOVE looking at every session you do! They are just beautiful!

Beautiful photos... Love your work!

These pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! You make a gorgeous pregnant momma!!!


Awesome pics!!! Love it!!

Wow! Absolutely beautiful...I love every picture!

Absolutely beautiful!!!!!! :)

beautiful pictures, as always :)

I LOVE the ones out in the field, nice work.


The two of you look amazing and so happy. Can't wait to see baby!

You have set the benchmark for pregnant women.......just awesome! Love you!

Very touching... I absolutely love the pictures! Beautiful!

Love them Sofia! :)

Hi Andrea. I just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. :)

umm wow!

so last night i was chatting with a friend of mine who is also a photographer..we were saying how it seems like everyone just wants "perfect" pictures.."perfect poses" "perfect" families...and i was saying..if i were rich, i would give everyone the gift of Andrea Hanki to photograph their families..I honestly believe that YOU show people who they really are..and that is what is truly perfect.

thank you for ever inspiring me to be better & do better.

Beautiful bump. Can't wait to meet my grandchild.

Amazing pictures!!! Sofia you were always beautiful but being pregnant you are absolutely stunning :)

Sofia and Paulo you make these pictures beautiful

Gorgeous pics Sofia and Paulo!
Can't wait to meet the baby!

Wow these pictures are amazing! You look fantastic Sofia!

Great photos! I look forward to meeting baby Morgadinho!

Great pictures Sofia and Paul!!
Estas uma grĂ¡vida linda :)

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