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October 11, 2011


Another amazing post. One gorgeous shot after another!!

Lila is the coolest and most stylish little girl I have ever seen! :o)

oooooo andrea... you are so amazing and inspiring with your photos... i heart the picture of you and lila, pure happiness and smooshiness <3

How do you do it woman!?! Amazing pictures and my favorite Monthly post to date :)
Can't wait to meet little "baby".


Wow, Andrea!
Blown away by the gorgeousness of every photo!!

I love reading these personal posts. Lila and the little one are certainly blessed w/ one fabulous mama. I can't wait to meet you in person...one day. My son would also LOVE that dino park...LOVE.

oh just love the shots of the girls. agreed it was a fab september, and here's to an equally fabulous october! x

Oct 2?? What a cheat! You talentless hack.

Kidding, of course. I don't know if I could handle having half the Awesome that you have. Even then, I'd only be Aweso.

It is not possible, but Lila gets cuter every month.

I love your posts a month, hopefully every month.
Greetings from Spain.
You have a daughter more than gorgeous, fantastic !!!!

hahaha! and i dont know how YOU do it, but your comments make me laugh more and more every month.

Your photos never fail to make me smile, and I swear -- your daughter gets more gorgeous with ever photo you take! She's the most stunning little creature!! :)

such a wonderful collection of september images.
love those photos your mom took!
and as a mama to three boys, i just adore viewing how you dress lila.
you have the best taste!
hope you continue to feel great!

I love this! Such a sweet peek at your life! :)

these are all just wonderful I love the little glimpses into your life you capture it so beautifully with so much Love...

Andrea, I have a question, what lens were you doing in this picture Lila winter hat ?

Just love your dresser decorations! Any tips on where to get bedroom furniture? Looking to spruce up our bedroom over the holidays!

Aw, your daughter is absolutely adorable and you are an amazing photographer Andrea!
Congratulations on your growing family too. xx

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