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November 19, 2011


goodness, she is beautiful! and I have always loved the name Penny :)

So beautiful!!

Beautiful shots, she's so perfect....very sweet! Thanks for sharing her with us all.

very cute Jeaninne, great photographs too

Absolutely love all the pictures. How will you pick? Gorgeous family!


Very sweet pics!! Penny is adorable!!

Love the photos; thanks for shaing, Jeaninne & DJ.

Wow! Beautiful pictures of the three of you, what a wonderful little family! Congratulations again!

Gorgeous! I think my favorites are the bedroom mirror, the baby in the middle of the bed and the last one. But close runners-up are baby on Dad's knees and the first one! Good job.

They are lovely photos of all three of you. Love the ones beside the mirror. Penny looks so contented in her photos.

Adorable! congrats

So sweet!! Penny is so adorable and you look beautiful Jeaninne! I want some...! :)

very lovely! <3

such a cute little one!! And DJ, last time I saw you, you were about 8 or 9!! Hard to believe you've grown up and had little ones of your own. Congratulations new family!!

Fantastic photos ... with some very interesting perspectives ... and some great subjects! What a wonderful little family!

I love all of them! I can't decide which is my favorite! You have a beautiful baby girl!

I can't decide which one is my favourite!

Wow... looks great!

Oh, I adore the shot of the mom & dad's mouths/chins and the baby all smushed between them. Beautiful session, Andrea.

Awesome photos you guys!! They are beautiful! xoxo

I love the photos. Can't wait to see miss penny again!

Great pictures. Congrats again.

DJ you look great! no touch ups for you! and penny looks pretty cute herself!

Sandy loves them all...especially the ones on a quilt. What a nice little family you have.

Gorgeous photos. Gorgeous family :)

She looks so cute!!!Good job you two!

Beautiful pictures....can't wait to meet her little penny:)

What fantastic pictures. Very unique,perfect family photos. I love them all.

Isn't she cute! Just perfect. Bustin my buttons.

What beautiful pictures. The pictures of Penny are great. My favorite picture is the family on the bed, with the reflection in the mirror. God has richly blessed your lives.

You are incredibly talented! Love watching your website!


Love the reflection in the mirrors. They are absolutely beautiful.

Wow! What an amazingly beautiful little girl. You are so blessed!
Don and Sandra

beautiful pictures, i love your website!

I love them...and Penny!!

These pictures are sooo adorable. I love them all. You make a beautiful trio.

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