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November 11, 2011


So beautiful! I love how you framed that shot on the bottom left.

Soooo pretty!! Love her !!! Such a wonderful job on the photography.. All of her different characteristics were captured!

Thanks again Andrea! All of the pictures turned out amazing!

Wow, great pics! Raya looks so cute....

Beautiful pictures! Raya's adorable ;)

Most beautiful family.

Baby good !

She looks like an angel with wings and glittler and goodness


Love love love!!!!

Pictures look amazing!

Beautiful Shots!! Raya is adorable, way to bring out her personality in the pics!

Pics turned out great!!

Great pics!!! Raya looks so cute!

Gorgeous Pictures! I want to bite her cheeks ;)

What a little kadu

Oh my...Raya looks so adorable! Beautiful family!

Oh they are just beautiful!

Wow! So cute!!!

Beautiful pics! Raya is adorable. : )

Amazing pictures! Love them ALL!

Super cute! Rays look so adorable.

Very precious!!

Pics turned out great!!!!! thanks again Andrea.

Awesome pictures! Raya is too cute.

Raya is way too cute! Love the pics!

Amazing job on the shoot, raya looks beautiful

Wow amazing pictures. The cutest baby I've ever seen.

Beautiful pics Mit! Ray a is such a little princess :)

awesme pictures ....... u all look great didi !!!!!god bless u !!!!!!!

Beautiful family pictures! Raya looks so sweet and absolutely adorable!

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