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December 14, 2011


Those little lips look so much like Lila :) Such a sweetie! Congrats again!

He's so beautiful! And in the yawn picture he reminds me of Lila!

Hope you do a 365 of him ;)

absolutely gorgeous- love it! also love his diaper shirt- where is it from?

He's absolutely beautiful Andrea!! Congratulations!

Such a charming little man!

hello, sweet baby Cole!! Can't wait to snuggle you again :)

I love your work. It takes my breath away every time! He is beautiful!

he is SUPER cute!!! :)

you hankis sure make some gorgeous babes with the most kissable lips!!

He is so so lovely!!
Kisses from Spain

What a perfect little man with the most scrumptious lips. Beautiful photos :) All the best ~ One of your blog follwers in Toronto. Iris

Ohhhh Congrats! His lips totally remind me of Lilas also. He's so sweet, hope you are doing awesome!

such a yummy little Boo he is. congrats to you and your family!!

I love his little name tag. Such a cute idea!!

My goodness you make cute babies! I hope you're not stopping at two ;) hehe. Is he a blondie too? It's kinda hard to tell? He sure is a handsome little guy :) we should meet up sometime in the new year to introduce the babes :). Happy almost Christmas Hankis!

awww.. he is such a love.. :)

He is so perfect and all boy! Congratulations! Enjoy Christmas as a beautiful family of 4 :)

So precious. Congratulations!!

coming over. to steal him. :)

he is SO BEAUTIFUL. congrats, Andrea and family!!

Congratulations Andrea and family!He is so adorable and look's like big sisster Lila .God bless your beautiful family

Hello Cole. who does he look like ? you have to post some photos with mom and dad :)

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