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December 07, 2011


Beautiful pictures of Kayla & Mike !!! Can hardly wait to see what you did for their daughter!! Your pictures are amazing !!!!! Grace

Beautiful pictures of beautiful people. Great photography, you captured the essence of Kayla!

This pictures are beautiful! They look absolutely amazing and in love!


Beautiful Pictures :) You guys are adorable! xoxo Katie

Wonderful photographs of two beautiful people in a lovely setting.

My favorite is the last black and white one where you've got a bigg smile and youre staring into each others eyes... looks like love :)

Absolutely gorgeous photos!! Love them, Kayla & Mike! <3 xoxo

Love these!! Also love your shirt kayls:)

These guys look familiar. Were they ever on some kind of game show?

I love the first black and white one:)) Beautiful photos Kayls and Mike, xoxo

ha ha! Love some of the pictures of mike, you can tell he's saying "seriously, I'm laying in the grass like this? Really" and you are telling him to shut up! LOL!!! And then others are of you laughing at each other but they look adorable!! Love ALL of them!!!

Love the pictures, you both look so happy. Can't wait to see the ones of my little miss.

Wow, Gorgeous, can't wait to see more! Amazing photography! Kathy P

Gorgeous photos guys :-) Love the 3&4th ones.

You guys look fabulous!! Can't wait to see more!!:)

beautiful pictures of two happy people.


Beautiful photos!

An Amazing Couple!! Love Mom & Dad

Amazing pictures, thank you for sharing. It is going to be an exciting year for all f you.
Anne McLaughlan

Absolutely gorgeous! Congrats Kayla :)

Awesome pics!!!!!!Can't wait to see the pics of our wee one!!!!!!!

Beautiful photos!!!!

These photos are SO nice!! Love them :)

It looks like LOVE! Very creative photography - fabulous photos!

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