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January 23, 2012


when's your garage sale? i'll take it all.

(i feel so creepy/stalkerish that i am always on the computer when you have a new post and am the first one to comment ;)) love seeing all your holiday pics. the picture of lila in her winter coat is so gorgeous, and you are looking great too mama.

so adorable! may i ask where you found those cute jars for the snow globes? also would love to see you do a tour of your house, it is very inspiring and looks very modern!
congrats on the new little one and glad you feel better. nothing worse than being sick when there are kiddos to take care of!

My heavens, could your house, photography, and decorating abilities be any more perfect! Absolutely gorgeous. I was looking at the picture of your husband sleeping after Christmas on the couch with the baby and thinking, "that should not look so picturesque!" lol Really love your style, all around.

As always I love your decor and your photos! You have a beautiful family and I hope everyone is doing well <3

Girl, you amaze me. The pictures-- they're so crisp and clean but so dreamy, all at the same time. Lila's childhood always looks like the stuff dreams are made of.

If you ever do a workshop, or one on one photography whatevers, let me know-- I'd move heaven and earth to get in on that.

So awesome! Love all of the fun decor for the month of December. Your family is beautiful, i am sure you are quite proud of all of them! Great way to capture the month!

oh andrea! you are such an inspiration!! i love it all and am looking forward to another year of inspiration and awesomeness from you (and your little fam over in pinksugarland).

Seriously in love with all your decorating and how you did it with a newborn I have no idea - you are gifted girl!

You are seriously so awesome, and your family is beautiful. <3

I just discovered your blog and am lovestruck. You pictures are absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Your sense of style is perfect. Being also a mom of a 3 year old and a young baby, I cannot understand how you find the time to be so perfect!
I will be a frequent follower from now on for sure.

Beautiful Post!! full of lots of inspiration!!! LOVE!

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