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January 16, 2012


Congratulations, and thanks for sharing these photos. These will be an amazing gift for your children to have throughout their lives... just beautiful!

I'm curious what kind of bag you carry your gear in when you're on the bus, and how you decide what you're going to take?

Seriously awesome month :)

Aww once again congratulations! And it goes without saying, your pictures are stunning as always!

Congratulations!!!!! Beautiful representation of your daily adventures.

love the updates - I hope you'll continue for 2012 :) x

So happy for you guys! Sounds like November was a lovely month for you! ( : p.s. I adore the nursery wall. Amazing.

The quality of the images here are second to none, thank you for sharing and the inspiration

are we going to get to see more photos of that awesome looking nursery?? where did you get that curved lamp? love it! congrats on the arrival of your baby.

definitely!! i have to finish it first though -- the paint job, lamp and crib are pretty much all thats done so far :) the lamp was from cb2 but has since been discontinued.

mmm, ikea. those hot dogs are tough to beat value-wise.
as for the tardiness in posting, late and awesome is better than nothing.

belated congratulations! what a beautiful new addition to your beautiful family.

Where did you get that ruffled sweater? Love love love. Congrats on the new babe!

hi andrea! the ruffled sweater was from crewcuts either last year or the year before :)

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