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March 15, 2012


I love these photos, what a precious family you have! I love your daughters back pack too!!

I always love your month in review....thanks for sharing!

Perfect! As usual...

i'm curious to know what your plans for Lila and Cole will be. I just finished up mat leave (took the full year) and I'm getting back to shooting twice a week with Maya in daycare for one. If you don't mind I'd love to know what your schedule will be like in terms of day care and work load.

Hi Andrea,
thanks for sharing these pictures! I just love you blog!
What type of stroller are you using with Cole? I am expecting baby #2 and was curious to see the picture with Lila standing on it as well...

hi marta! cole is using lila's old bugaboo chameleon with a footboard added for li when she gets tired :)

i love. gosh those are two cute little people you made.

I absolutely love your work! I was wondering if you would mind telling me where you got that awesome wall decal from? I have been searching for something in my office wall and this would be perfect and an awesome reminder! :)

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