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March 04, 2013


Gorgeous images as usual, my friend! Lila's blond hair lying in Stacie's hand as she dries it, is one of my favorite images. She's precious, and I hope she likes her new look. :) Funny, but our Lila had her first haircut this month too! It was more difficult for me, I think, than it was for her. By the way, I'm SO so happy to have you join our group!! xo

i.die. She is just too much, Andrea!! LOVE!

Such a great idea to photograph her first haircut. Wow, you managed to go this long without cutting it. I have a 17 month old and we need to trim her hair. I'll want to capture that in images too :o) Thanks for sharing!

oh, just so lovely. And I am all mushy over her wanting to hold your hand the entire time.

so sweet, you and her.

Such a fun milestone to capture! (And as always, beautifully captured!) Also, the photo of you holding Lila's hand almost made me cry it's so cute!

I love your work so much!!! This post is adorable. I love this milestone and how beautifully you captured it. The details are priceless and so endearing. These will be treasures to her for sure and I am sure the day itself was a priceless memory for her. Wonderful!

the progression of these images, the story they tell, from hesitance, and little girl in a big wide world, looking so tiny and fragile...to the joy and confidence on her face and in her walk, by the last ones. this is like a perfect, miniature story of growing up. yes, it is cute and beautiful and well done, but it is also so touching to me. all of the little details of her right now. you do make amazing pictures, andrea xoxo

Amy Grace said it so well! This is a beautiful post - probably my favourite of all time. Great work Andrea. You are amazing!

Love the story these images tell. It must have been a tough day for both of you. Love the cut & style - she is such a gorgeous little mini you!

This post is so, so great. such sweet memories and beautiful photos! That hand picture!

Not to mention this is quite possibly the most perfect day. I wish all my hair appts were followed by duchess and the mall!

so so lovely. wow.

so lovely... they grow up so fast

OMGosh - what an absolute doll!! Her haircut is beautiful and I love that you kept it long. And what an awesome moment to capture on your phone. THESE WILL be TREASURES!!! Love this post!

OK, she is a doll! Your images always feel so intimate to me, as if I'm peeking in on a quiet moment. I adore the story that these images tell. I hope she felt beautifully pampered at the end of the day. Every girl needs that every once in a while. :)

There's a serious issue when your daughter is more stylish and put together than I am :) She's adorable, what a great set of photos!

what a sweet little story of your little girl. I mean really her first haircut...perfectly captured. What a bittersweet memory. So glad you got these.

I really don't think she could get much cuter!! adore your day to day images you take... always a fave on the blog roll :)

I love that you captured her first haircut in such a beautiful way. she was so brave! l adore all of the little details that you included ... that banded lock on the ground, the little snip, and her gorgeous eye framed by her hair. and what a special treat to do a little shopping after. lovely!! as always, I'm so inspired by your beautiful images.

she's the cutest!

OMG she is so adorable, but you already know that ;)

Wow, you are an amazing storyteller. You didn't miss a detail and made me feel like I was there with you both. Adore!

What a beautiful girl! Andrea, how do u make the collage? What software do you use? Thanks!

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