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April 16, 2013


I'm so excited you're on instagram! You're one of my favorite photo bloggers and your regular composition of shots translates so beautifully to instagram! Followed! :)

Awesome captures! I love seeing bits I recognize from around the city! You can fin out little adventures on Instagram under user name: shannyapple. Love your perspective! Such an inspiration!!

I LOVE your blog & photos so much! I am following you on Instagram we are rubypie x

Love your work and seeing your daily adventures! You can peek into my family's fun on instagram at username: tika_photo :))

I'm @claudinegladue
but I'm sure you've already seen my commenting away on your photos <3 So happy for you to have joined instagram! (again, beautiful captures of your beautiful kids!)

Love your photos. Are you PP in your phone? If so what app do you use most?

I will follow you. I love Instagram. You're right about the fun community part-it's hugely supportive.

I will comment on one of your pics and then you can check me out that way.

I'm danny_in_the_city.

Your pics are great, I love the b&w of your daughter's hair profile.

Yay! I'll be excited to follow you on Instagram! :) My user name is Friendlyskys

It doesn't matter the tool, you can make art with anything Andrea! These are so awesome! Love the "action" shots & the bw of Lila laughing. Your boy Cole has got cheeks for days!! It must be hard to resist kissing them ;)

I adore your imagery of your family! You are a great inspiration. I've been trying really hard to take more pictures of my little girl. I'm crytaleyes1

Ohhhh I love this! My name is itsamytime ....

Love all your images Andrea. I'm excited to follow, much like everyone else :). Love your perspective of the mountains/open sky shots. (And of course your little fam is super adorbs)!
You can find me as username: lilunit

I love these! the cardboard unicorn is amazing my daughter just freaked out over it for her room :P I love following you on IG, I'm mistiblue00 :)

Hi Andrea

Followed you on Instagram & will be following your blog as well!! Love you photos!! :) **

So glad you joined Instagram!! (I came across your IG account a few weeks ago when you commented on not only one, but two of my friends' pics... I recognized your name from your photography and, of course, HAD to hit the FOLLOW button!)

Isn't the Instagram world one of the greatest?!? So fast, so easy, so creative, so fun! I love, love, L-O-V-E it!! I'm not a photographer but sure do like to pretend when I use my phone and capture snippets from my days! ;)

Thanks for sharing your world with us daily!! Your uplifting (and amazingly brilliant) photos honestly carry with them a sense of contagious joy and fun!

P.S. My username is yve_s_, if you'd like to check out my little IG gallery. :)

Your photos are so inspiring. I'm working on composition a bit with mine. I love your work and the little details you capture!

can you adopt me please...lol

Have been following you as soon as you jumped the Instagram train. You are my daily visual inspiration. Someday I will travel to your area to have you capture my family. You are on my bucket list. :) Until then you can follow me on Instagram under ulal.

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