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May 06, 2013


You have such a beautiful and spirited family. I always love these posts of your own adventures.
You turn dirt anc chaos into something magical and glamorous.
I love your work Andrea!! Oh to have your skills.

I adore the way you 'see' things and the way you capture them... the first two images in the blog post grabbed me right away...LOVE!

Gorgeous photos!! Love how you capture your special family times!! Where did you go camping?? It is a stunning landscape!! :) **

Well said Sandra Miller! Beautiful post Andrea.

Andrea, What lenses did you bring on this trip ?

thank you all so much!! we camped in barriere, bc xandré :) and all of these were shot with either a 45mm tilt shift or a 50 mm mariana!

such a fabulous storyteller...adore so so many of these..the drinking fountain shot, the swing, that tent? is it two story? what a dream for the kids. Fabulous as always Andrea!

this is as good as it gets. you are as gifted and astute as any artist. the stories you paint are epic and touching and full of details that matter, scenes that you never want to forget, every different kind of spotlight. i could never gush enough. outstanding work. xoxo

You need to know, I am on this blog every day. LOVE it. You are probably one of the coolest people out there and your friends and family are lucky to know you!! You also have the coolest tent in the UNIVERSE.
Be blessed.

I absolutely adored looking at these photos. You captured such fresh perspectives. You are really inspiring! In a few photos, you have almost a tilt-shift or fish eye look...did you do that in post processing or do you have a fish eye?

Ohhh...just saw your comment about the 45mm tilt shift....looks like a super fun lens!

your eyes see the world in quite simply the most amazing way.......I love these glimpses into the lives of you and your beautiful little family. Such a gift you are to them....and to us all :) Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

It's always nice to hear about the inspired from the inspiring. Thanks for the share!

Amazing Andrea... you are the master story teller with your photos. Perfect moments, framing, colors, expressions. Just beautiful. And you should definately submit the two with your truck and tent and campfire to Toyota for their next advert! Always inspiring... :)

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