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August 06, 2013


Oh Andrea you always capture these special moments so perfectly.
Thank you for sharing such a special place with us. You are indeed blessed!

The lake looks like pure magic!

These are just gorgeous!

I loved following along with you on this trip on fb. so many gorgeous memories ... I love the one of c standing so tall and proud at the beginning of the post. and I love the one of him with dad ... great big smile! what an amazing trip!!

These are fantastic, love love love the hammock ones but i would be so happy if i'd captured one of those images. What great memories you are creating for Lila and Cole. Wish i had a place in Canada like this - my parents farm in Wales will have to do!

Your summer at the lake looks positively divine! : )
Cabins and summer go together so perfectly.

You are so talented, Andrea! You can make everyday life look like art! So inspiring!

I love all these pictures! I am so glad you had such a lovely holiday xox

oh man, sooo good! I was going to start writing all my favourites but there are too many - that one of lila playing catch had me laughing out loud and are you kidding me with that last shot?? Love, love, love.

p.s. you are so crazy talented, my friend.

p.p.s we totally want to come to the cabin!

I adore all your images, so amazing.

I love love love this post. You can just feel the love and the magic. You are crazy amazing at what you do.

Love, love, love these photos Andrea! It makes me pine for my own family and cabin in the woods!

These are so emotionally beautiful. I love how meaningful this trip is and that cabin is so amazing. So jealous!

Awesome compilation of images!! What a great summer...so full of childhood memories! Beautiful post!

what a magical and wonderful way to spend a vacation.. this is what all kids should be doing

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