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September 16, 2013


May I ask what lake this is.

awesome. so much color and fun and just a hit of the golden light of fall.

these are fabulous. i love the way you capture your family and their world Andrea. you amaze me in every frame!!

You make having a family look like it's always fun and happiness and never hard or tiring (which I KNOW from others that it is). Well done for always being positive, beautiful, and showing these AMAZING lifestyle shots of your children. Also, that YAY sweater -- amazing!

Andrea, your camping pictures never get old to me...you always seem to capture it in a new and interesting way...and your lucky lucky kids to get to go camping so often...love them all!

These are so stunning (as always!) I love how your compositions and beautiful perspectives tell such a story. You have the most precious family ever too! Gorgeous, Andrea!

Oh my gorgeous, these are beautiful!!! I adore the oof shot of your daughter on the swing, swoon! Just beautiful shots Andrea!

Wow, these look so much more fun than how I remember camping. Love these! Such fantastic memories you and your family will cherish. Always love your posts!!

Camping is alot of work with kids but I see your beautiful pictures of this special place and think, my kids got to experience all this beauty and fun there. I will never tire of your camping posts!

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